How my book got 500 kindle downloads in one day!

Great post about marketing your books!

Helen Treharne

Today I’m guest blogging on the wonderful Loren Weaver’s blog.  If you haven’t visited her site, you should do. In short, I’m talking about how I achieved 500 downloads of Relative Strangers in one day!

Commenting on Loren Weaver.

I am cringing as I write that title. Why? Because it screams “look at me” and like many writers I’m an introvert. So, before I begin, I thought I’d build a bit of context for you. I released my first book, ‘Relative Strangers: A Modern Vampire Story’at the end of the summer 2014. Sales have been slow and steady. My reviews have been good. Overall, it’s what I expected. When I fell out of love with Smashwords (there’s another blog post in there!), I decided to go exclusively with Amazon and make use of their promotional extras. I really wanted to boost sales prior the publication of the sequel,

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