Apex Magazine Sponsors Steal the Spotlight Micro Fiction Contest

J. C. Conway

A contest for Micro Fiction writers everywhere, in time for Halloween. But this will not feature vampires, zombies, witches, and ghosts. Apex Magazine wants something a little different.

“There’s more out there. Monsters waiting in the wings to give you a fright. And they want their moment to shine!”

Apex went to Twitter to ask its readers what monsters they would like to see steal the spotlightThey came up with everything from “wendigos to banshees to Jekyll and Hyde.”

So Apex now asks anyone and everyone to tell it a story. Here are the details:

  • There will be five categories:
    • sea monsters
    • black dog/Hellhounds
    • banshees
    • science experiments gone wrong
    • demons (this can include wendigos, succubus, be creative).
  • Write a story to fit one of these five categories, then submit it to apexwritingcontest@gmail.com with the subject line formatted as Title, Author, Category.
    This is a micro fiction contest.

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